The Fourth Quarter




It will come as no surprise to learn that I am a sports fan.

Football as most of you will know is my go-to sport but what might surprise you is that I am a HUGE American Football fan.

And I have been ever since as a 13-year-old I sat transfixed as John Riggins’ completed a 43-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVII which carved him a spot in sporting immortality in the Washington Redskins’ 27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

I’ve been a Redskins fan ever since and now we have the advantage of seeing live games here in London.

So, I thought it seemed quite apt to use some sporting (and finance industry) terms here.

American Football games are broken down into quarters as are the financial year and this weekend marks the three-quarter point of the year.

That’s right, an entire three quarters of the year have passed us by and we are on the final sprint to the end zone (the finish line) of this current year.

No matter what day you are reading this, we have less than 90 days to go until the year-end.

Now is a good time to block some time out to review your progress.

Are you on track with the goals you set this year?

Did you hit your targets for Q3?

Did you set yourself any targets?

It never ceases to amaze me how time passes so quickly. As a kid, the summer seemed to last forever (I think there is a song title in there somewhere  and nowadays it’s over in a blink of an eye.

fitness professionals

Having worked with hundreds of fitness professionals over the years I have met and spoken to those who struggle to get traction in their business and I have also had the pleasure to work with those who in a relatively short space of time, have built successful fitness businesses.

Is there something that determines whether you are going to struggle or be a success? Is there a secret weapon you can rely on? I think there are three.

They are:

  1. Have a positive mindset and total belief in yourself.

Do you set yourself goals and have a clear vision of what you wish to achieve? Successful business owners generally have an unwavering drive and determination to not only hit their goals but go out to smash them.

"Successful business owners generally have an unwavering drive and determination to not only hit their goals but go out to smash them." - Andrew Wallis, CEO & Founder of Fitness Marketing Blueprints

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  1. They are organized and understand the importance consistent marketing plays in the success of their business.

Are you generating leads on a consistent basis? If not then don’t be surprised if you are not signing up new clients.

  1. Accountability and support.
Successful business owners

Successful business owners have a great support network and within that network, they have a mentor or a coach – someone who has experienced the success they are looking for.

So if you are entering the final quarter of the game and you are behind and in need of a “do-over” (a change to your game plan), then I’m going to give you one.

You can REDO your Goals right now and get started all over again.

Start TODAY!

Three quarters of this year is gone forever.

Will you make changes TODAY or will allow the year to run away from you again?

I meet a lot of trainers and studio owners. I’ll talk to guys who work 60-80 hours a week. They are certainly not afraid of hard work.

When I ask them how things are going — they’ll tell me things are great.

However, very few fitness business owners (and that is what you are… a business owner) actually measure and take stock of their efforts.

If you are following a plan to generate leads from Facebook – is it actually working?

Or are you blindly following a plan that doesn’t work, and essentially ignoring that?

I know where my progress toward my goals stands because I measure it.

marketing campaign

When we implement a marketing campaign for ourselves or our coaching clients — we track the results.

We know for example how many direct mail pieces we send out for a client, the cost of each mailing, how many inquiries we get, how many appointments are made, and how many people sign up as a result.

We know exactly how effective the plan is, and whether the return we are seeing is worth the investment.

We can see that for £X invested, we receive a return of £Y.

You all follow the “SMART” goal setting with your clients — so you know that one of the keys is ‘M’ – Measurable.

Measure your results.

As we enter the final quarter of 2022, it’s time to take stock of your efforts.

Has your current return been worth the investment?

Will you make changes TODAY or will another three months pass, then before you know it — it’s 2023.

Will your business demonstrate 12 weeks of further growth – will you be 12 weeks closer to your goals?

About the author, Andrew Wallis

From two decades in the corporate world to finding my freedom in fitness, I'm known as Braveheart—a Personal Trainer turned marketing maestro for Fitness Professionals. I'm all about unlocking potential and empowering Fit Pros to grow their businesses. 'Finding Your Freedom' isn't just a mantra; it's a collective journey I embark upon with my clients.

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