Outsourcing Choices

The #1 Job Board In The Philippines

What is it?: The most popular job board in the Philippines where western employers are able to find virtual assistants, support reps, social media marketers, designers, SEOs, developers & more. Most my teammates are from this site.

Why do I recommend it?: Many Filipinos learn English at a young age and culturally they are hard working, honest and hungry for opportunity.  The value based on the currency exchange and average pay rate locally is helpful for a growing business with low cashflow compared to hiring domestically.

The #1 How To Guide To Outsourcing

What is it?: This course by John Jonas that helps you to understand what it takes to find and hire the right kinds of teammates who can help you grow your business fast.

Why do I recommend it?: Many people don't believe outsourcing works or they have had poor experiences with remote workers.  This is usually from misguided expectations and flaws in the hiring process.  Learn the right way before wasting time and money hiring the wrong people.