Welcome to this impactful episode of our Fitness Marketing Blueprint podcast: "Growing Your Personal Training Business in 7 Simple Steps."

In this episode, I'll guide you through a straightforward plan that will help you elevate your personal training business to new heights. Discover the power of narrowing your focus to target your most valuable clients, and learn effective marketing approaches that will capture their attention. I'll also share valuable insights on educating and motivating your prospects, delivering an extraordinary experience, maximizing lifetime relationship value, and generating referrals.

Join me as we unravel these 7 simple steps that can revolutionize your personal training business. From identifying your ideal clients to providing exceptional service and cultivating a loyal customer base, these steps will pave the way for sustainable growth and success. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your personal training business and make a real impact in the fitness industry.

Tune in now and embrace these proven strategies that will help you break free from the cycle of trial and error, and propel your personal training business to new levels of success. Get ready to turn your passion into a thriving and fulfilling business venture.

You'll learn:

  • How to narrow your focus and target your most valuable clients for maximum impact and results in your personal training business.
  • The importance of creating a compelling marketing approach that speaks directly to your ideal prospects, capturing their attention and motivating them to take action.
  • Why delivering an extraordinary experience is key to building customer loyalty and generating positive word-of-mouth referrals that can significantly boost your business.
  • The significance of maximizing the lifetime relationship value with your clients by offering additional services or solutions that address their specific needs and enhance their overall experience.
  • How to create a referral system that goes beyond relying solely on results, and instead focuses on providing an extraordinary experience and empowering your clients to become enthusiastic advocates for your personal training business.

Episode Transcript

EP.23: Growing Your Personal Training Business in 7 Simple Steps - Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Andrew: Have you ever wanted to make a real impact as a personal trainer and grow your business? In this episode I'm going to share with you 7 simple steps that I used to take my personal training business from zero to success.

Hey there! my name is ANDREW WALLIS and for years I've been helping Personal Trainers just like YOU become successful entrepreneurs! 

Growing a business can be hard and it's easy to get stuck in an endless cycle of trial and error. That's why I'm here to help - In this episode of Fitness Marketing Blueprint I want to give you a simple plan for you to grow your personal training business. So, let's get started on taking your PT business to the next level!

I started my PT business back in 2004 and for a long time, I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out how to scale my business and make more money. That all changed when I started breaking down the process into simple steps that anyone can do. 

I’ve dialed this down now to seven clear steps to have a much better business.

But don’t mistake simple for easy or less effective.

These 7 Steps, when combined, will quite literally change your PT business forever.

Ready to get started? Great!

Step One: Narrow Your Focus

The big mistake that a lot of personal trainers make is trying to think about and capture the broadest possible audience for their business, trying to be too much to too many people.

I bet that if you looked at your business right now, you’d find that the top 20% of your clients are significantly more valuable, more enjoyable to work with and get better results.

Imagine that you completely focused all your efforts on marketing to those “most valuable” clients?

Do you think that would make a difference in your training? Yes, it would!

Let’s take a look at why you should narrow your focus and how to do so effectively.

First, let's consider the benefits of narrowing your focus. By focusing on a smaller target market, you can develop a better understanding of who that person is and what motivates them. You can also create content and services tailored towards that person's specific needs, preferences, and goals. This can help you create a more compelling offer for your target market, boosting your marketing efforts and results.

Second, let's discuss how to properly narrow your focus. Start by identifying who your most valuable customers are and why they're so special to you. Ask yourself questions about them like: What do they need? Who do they trust? How can I best serve them? This will help you define the characteristics of your ideal client, so you can better target them with relevant content and services.

Once you’ve identified who your ideal customer is, take a look at what kind of products or services would best serve them. Think about what problem you can solve for them, and how your product or service could make their lives better. This will help you focus on the right audience with the right offer.

Step Two: Create a Marketing Approach That Gets Those Specific Prospects To Seek You

Once you’ve narrowed your focus it becomes easier to market to your ideal clients.

But remember, your marketing should not be about YOU or what you have to offer.

It should be about THEM, and something that’s on their (your ideal prospect’s) mind already.

Your fitness marketing efforts should be designed to convince your prospects that you have something that specifically is of benefit to them.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this:

  • You can offer free reports
  • You can share authentic content
  • You can offer low risk ‘samples’ of your services

The key is that the way you present your offer is compelling enough, articulates your benefits enough and minimizes the risk to them enough that they feel comfortable taking that next step with you.

Step Three: Educate and Motivate

Educate and motivate your prospect so that when they are ready to start achieving their fitness or performance goals, they do it with you.

A lot of people aren’t ready to act today.

For them, your job is to provide value in what you do and educate them as to why you’re the best solution.

But woven into this education is motivation to actually take action.

The education you provide builds trust and confidence that you’re the best solution for their specific needs.

Understand – people want to be led.

They want you to make achieving their goals simpler or easier.

So educate them so they know YOU are the person to do that.

Step Four: Get Them Started

You need to make it easy for them to take action.

Offer a 21 day or one month opportunity to experience what you do.

Provide a really aggressive guarantee like “you’ll reach your goals or I’ll give you double your money back.”

You eliminate the risk in their mind and then give them a clear path to get started by not offering too many choices (choose A or B) and you’ll get them into your programs.

Step Five: Deliver an Extraordinary Experience

Map out your ideal client experience so that the end result will be people who are so excited about you and your service that they’ll want to introduce that experience to their friends and family.

To do that, you need to figure out what experience is going to turn your clients into raving fans.

One of the best client experience design exercises is to ask two simple questions.

1. What do people LOVE about working out, going to a gym or working with a fitness professional?

2. What do people HATE about it?

Use your answers to help shape your ideal client experience blueprint – then put it into action.

The experience will be the biggest point of differentiation between you and other fitness businesses – so give it the attention it deserves.

Step Six: Maximize Lifetime Relationship Value

The toughest thing to do in business is to get a new client, so when you get them – cultivate that relationship.

The easiest two ways to do that are to:

  1. Provide the Experience we addressed in Step Five so they clearly see that no other fitness business is comparable to you.
  2. Be the most complete solution possible for your clients.

Think about it – clients rarely come to you for workouts.

They come to you for a result.

So with that in mind, how can you provide an even better solution for them to achieve that result?

Can you offer the other pieces of the puzzle that the program they’re currently involved in doesn’t address?

Can you offer a higher level of service where you can deepen the relationship with them and they’ll want to get closer to you?

Many clients will invest more for a more complete solution or a higher level of service, so be sure to make them both available.

Step Seven: Make Referrals Happen

People don’t refer in the way that we expect.

We expect our clients to refer because they got results.

Most won’t based on results alone.

Why should they? They paid you for results.

That’s not exactly an out of the ordinary business transaction:

“I pay you to get a specific thing. You give me that thing.”

Happens every day, right? How many gas stations give you the amount of gas that you pay for?

Did you go rave to your friends about your last fill up?

But if you provide an extraordinary experience, that all changes.

If you exceed expectations it’s human nature for people to want to talk about it.

So here’s how you make referrals happen:

1. Provide that Extraordinary Experience every day.

2. Educate your clients on not only how you’re different, but why you’re different – both in a way so they clearly understand the benefits.

3. Help them to be able to articulate #1 & #2 to others so they can easily spread the word when conversations come up and are actually motivated to start conversations about what you do.

That’s making the referrals happen…

…then you reward after it happens to reinforce that action and make it more likely to happen again and again.

7 Steps.

Nothing complicated, but very effective if put to use.

Dedicated to Your Success,


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