Elevate Your Fitness Marketing Game in 2024!

Unlock the secrets to a successful marketing strategy with our exclusive 2024 Fitness Marketing Calendar. This isn't just any calendar; it's your go-to resource for dominating the fitness scene in your area this year.

What's Inside The 2024 Fitness Marketing Content Calendar?

Monthly Marketing Ideas and Promotions:

Fuel your creative engine with a treasure trove of monthly marketing concepts and promotions designed to set your fitness business apart.

Monthly Social Media Calendar:

Never miss a beat on social media! Our calendar is jam-packed with daily content ideas and every noteworthy holiday, ensuring your social presence is always engaging and relevant.

Monthly Email Subject Line Ideas:

Craft compelling email campaigns effortlessly with our ready-to-use monthly subject line suggestions, ensuring your messages resonate with your audience.

Hashtags to Boost Your Social Media Game:

Supercharge your social media strategy with carefully curated hashtags tailored for the fitness industry. Elevate your posts and expand your reach.

Ready to make 2024 your most successful year yet?

Empower Your Fitness Business: Unleash Success with the
2024 Fitness Marketing Content Calendar.

Reader's reviews

The  Fitness Marketing Calendar is a game-changer! As a personal trainer, staying ahead in the competitive fitness industry is crucial. This calendar not only keeps me informed about upcoming trends but also provides practical monthly plans for promotions and social media. It's like having a marketing expert by my side. My clients have noticed the fresh content, and I've seen a boost in engagement and new sign-ups. Highly recommended for anyone serious about elevating their fitness business

Sarah J.


I've tried various marketing tools, but this Fitness Marketing Calendar stands out. It's specifically designed for fitness professionals, and the results speak for themselves. It has been invaluable for planning targeted promotions. The social media calendars and hashtag suggestions make my life so much easier. My studio's online presence has never been stronger, and the community engagement is impressive. This calendar is a must-have for studio owners looking to thrive in the digital space.".

Mark R.

Fitness Studio Owner

Our gym has seen a remarkable transformation since using the Fitness Marketing Calendar. It's not just a calendar; it's a strategic roadmap for success. The monthly plans are detailed yet easy to follow, offering a perfect blend of creativity and practicality. What I love most is the industry-specific focus, ensuring our marketing efforts align seamlessly with fitness trends. The feedback from our members has been fantastic, and we're consistently attracting new clients. If you're serious about growing your fitness business, this calendar is your secret weapon

Emily F.


Let Me Tell You More About
The 2024 Fitness Marketing Calendar

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy in 2024

Unlock the potential for a thriving fitness business with our exclusive 2024 Fitness Marketing Calendar. Here's what you can expect:


  • Stay Trendy: Receive insights into the latest fitness marketing trends to position your business as a trendsetter
  • Maximize Opportunities: Seize the right opportunities each month with a strategic plan tailored to the fitness industry
  • Effortless Content Creation: Simplify your marketing efforts with ready-to-use content ideas, saving you time and boosting your online presence.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Industry-Specific Insights: Tailored to the unique needs of fitness professionals, ensuring actionable insights.
  • Daily Guidance: Get daily content suggestions to keep your audience engaged and excited about your fitness brand
  • Instant Access: Purchase today and enjoy instant digital access to start transforming your marketing strategy immediately

Ready to make 2024 your most successful year yet?

Empower Your Fitness Business: Unleash Success with the
2024 Fitness Marketing Content Calendar

2024 Fitness Marketing Content Calendar

Why Choose Our 2024 Marketing Calendar?:


Comprehensive and Relevant: We've done the legwork to compile the most relevant trends and ideas specific to the fitness profession. Your roadmap to success starts here.


Strategic Guidance for Every Month: Navigate each month with confidence, armed with a strategic plan tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges it presents.


Unlock Your Social Media Potential: Dominate social media with our daily content suggestions and curated hashtags. Transform your online presence into a fitness powerhouse.

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Most personal trainers feel overwhelmed and confused about how to market their business so that it grows and stands out from the competition.

At Andrew Wallis Consultancy, we utilize storytelling marketing and give you a step-by-step marketing plan to get more clients and leads online and be seen as the clear leader in your niche.

I believe your marketing should be simple, consistent, scalable, and get results!

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I know how frustrating it can be to see others in the industry have more success online just because they are better at marketing what it is they do.
You are a true expert and deserve to be viewed and sought out as one without having to spend all day creating the latest “TikTok dance trend video”
That is why I have worked with hundreds of personal trainers and fitness studio owners to build their Fitness Business Blueprint Plan that grows their business and helps them to stand out as the leaders in the industry or niche.

"I'm thrilled to introduce this Fitness Content Marketing Calendar. My hope is that it not only provides inspiration but also guides you in creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience. Let's work together to elevate your business in 2024 and beyond."

Andrew Wallis
2024 Fitness Marketing Content Calendar

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